Batch Process Oven

As a leader in heat transfer technology, GFS manufactures a Batch Process Oven with a compact design, providing an economical solution for space limitations. The uni-flow air distribution system circulates heated air on both sides of the oven for a balanced, uniform temperature throughout. This results in a quality finish for your products.

Continuous Process Oven

GFS’ Continuous Process Ovens are designed to move products through the heat zone, as part of a finishing system. These modular, factory-built, convection type ovens operate at temperatures ranging from 100 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, and can be heated with gas, fuel oil or electricity. Continuous Process Ovens can be used for a wide variety of applications, including paint drying, powder curing, e-coat curing, drying and heat treating.

Batch Burn-Off Oven

Heat cleaning is a safe, efficient method for removing baked-on paint from racks, hooks and fixtures. A leader in heat transfer technology, GFS uses this heat cleaning technology in our Batch Burn-Off Ovens to safely remove paint. An air temperature of 750 degrees Fahrenheit ignites the baked-on paint, turning it to ash.

A Batch Burn-Off Oven can be purchased in conjunction with the Batch Burn-Off Washer for ash cleanup and containment. This technology limits labor costs, minimizes environmental impact and maximizes profit potential.

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